Yreka Western RR
Serving Shasta Valley and Siskiyou County California Since 1889
A Railmark Company

The Yreka Western Railroad Co. (YW, AAR #873) offers a full suite of rail services to customers located in California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and elsewhere in the western U.S. states. Let us provide your company with a Quotation for our services performed with our experienced and customer-focused operating teams. The YW provides the following rail services:
  • RAILCAR STORAGE - with over three hundred (300) railcar spots available without interfering with our normal rail operations, the YW can put together cost beneficial service packages for your fleet.
  • RAILCAR MECHANICAL & MANAGEMENT SERVICES - whether it is normal maintenance or large jobs, the YW's railcar mechanical team can perform work at either our shop in Yreka California or with our mobile crews. Experienced railcar owners ourselves, the YW's team can provide any railcar maintenance, repair or management service at competitive rates.
  • TRANSLOADING - available to our offsite customers who want the benefits of rail transportation but who are not directly located on the YW. Our railroad has several self-service" rail sidings available for the loading or unloading of railcars. The YW is planning significant enhancements to its rail transloading facility in 2017 and can accommodate any customer needs. The YW's sister company, Rail Freight Solutions Inc. (RFS) is available to physically perform the commodity transfer and offers a complete suite of rail logistics services including truck transportation. The YW's sister company, Railmark Rail Services Inc. (RRS)is available to physically perform the commodity transfer and offers a complete suite of rail logistics services including truck transportation. RRS can handle transloading and rail logistics for your shipments all over North America.
  • TRACK CONSTRUCTION & MAINTENANCE - YW's experienced and talented track construction & maintenance teams will perform work to rail shippers all across the western U.S. The YW offers cost-effective, preventative maintenance programs that are designed to keep you ahead of your facilities track maintenance requirements. Our programs are designed to address safety without the need to "gold plate" the track, saving your industry money yet following all safety standards. The YW looks to earn your long-term business, not just make a quick buck on your present track defect. Let us provide a Quote!
  • DEDICATED INTERPLANT / INDUSTRIAL RAIL SWITCHING - The YW offers dedicated Interplant / Industrial Rail Switching to rail shippers all across the western U.S. states. Our teams can provide a turn-key package that includes other rail services designed to decrease our costs and increase effifiencies. YW's Industrial Rail Switching programs utilize products and practices making us one of the most environmentally friendly and safe switching services in the country.


The YW makes it so easy to use our rail services. It all starts with notifying our Marketing Department marketing@railmark.com that you want us to put together a rate and service program for your rail project needs. We will need some basic information and our team will quickly get a Quote back to you for review. Once approved and our services are scheduled, the other part of our team jumps in. Operations will ensure that the rail service is provided as specified and our Customer Service group will keep your staff informed as to our service delivery and completion. You will not find a Service Team any better than the YW's.

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